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Creativity from the dark side - horror stories, dark fantasy, artwork, poetry and movies.
A Very Bad Place (www.averybadplace.com) was originally started early in 2007, more as a joke than anything else. I liked the name and so a domain was born.

Originally it was intended solely to be an online repository for my own works, such as short stories, scripts, screenplays, an online comic and even some low budget no budget movies. However, after talking to some friends with similar interests, it was decided to open up A Very Bad Place as a sort of hub or community for anyone else with similar interests.

So, if you have work that you would like to showcase ... short stories, poetry, artwork, online comics, online movies ... and especially if it is from the 'darker' side of life, then maybe A Very Bad Place won't be so bad after all.

So, don't be afraid of the dark.

Embrace it.